The Story Continues

My journey has been so much more than overcoming an addiction. I learned that the decisions we make to change ourselves need to come from the inside out. I have found great joy in helping many people create a lean, healthy body, while empowering them to create a healthier, more full life as well. I believe that once a person can begin to listen to themselves and see the areas where they are stuck, they can then get a clear direction as to what they need to move forward, and they will begin to see lasting change in themselves.

My passion and heart is about helping people to create a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime!


  • NASM Fitness Trainer

  • Certified Clinical Nutritionist

  • AFAA Aerobic Instructor

  • AFAA Fitness Consultant (achieved the top 5% of certification program and was chosen to be an AFAA judge for the certification program)

  • AFAA Personal Trainer

  • AFAA Advanced Weight Trainer

  • CPR Certified

  • AFAA Pilates Mat Certified

The Journey

30 years ago I was a fitness trainer who looked fit and healthy on the outside but inside—I wanted to die!

In my late teens I may have looked fit and healthy from the outside but inside I was suffering and generally unhappy with who I was as a person. I was a perfectionist who constantly compared myself with others. I was my own worst enemy, my own worst critic. Eventually, as I continued down the road of higher expectations, with no ability to embrace the good in me, I lost touch with who I really was. I felt so out of control internally that I began to choose food and exercise to be my comfort and my control externally. I took this behavior to the absolute extreme, and developed a serious eating disorder called anorexia and bulimia. I was a trainer helping people look better, but it was through the eyes of a young woman who knew very little about taking care of herself.

At age 21, on Christmas Eve night, when most people are celebrating the holiday season, I truly wanted to end my life! I saw an article in the newspaper about a woman who had recovered from her own eating disorder, and was now helping others overcome their battle. I called her that evening and soon began the journey towards physical and emotional health.

Through my journey I have learned a very valuable insight that I want to share with you: you, as a person, are so much more than just what you look like on the outside. I worked ten years to overcome my addiction and I consider those ten years invaluable to who I am as a trainer and speaker. I now have Heart and Passion. The truth is, when I got in touch with my heart and my uniqueness, I began wanting to take care of myself. It was a natural progression.

I believe the best teachers in the world are people who have walked the walk”

-Nannette Aviles- Simpson