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My purpose and mission is to help women learn to love their body and see themselves as God’s does!

Many women are stuck in the endless cycle of yo – yo dieting, but Nannette will take you on a journey to break free from this cycle.

Nannette offers inspiration, hope, and wisdom from the many years of working with top experts in the field of overeating. Plus her own 10 year personal journey of overcoming anorexia, bulimia and the yo-yo dieting syndrome.


The 6 week program will offer you tools to:

  • Discover what is eating AT YOU( which is the trigger to overeating)

  • Discover the proper foods to eat that will give you energy and life -without feeling deprived

  • Discover self talk Gods Way

  • Discover your gifts to walk in Gods power

  • Discover the truth that you are fearfully and wonderfully made ( loving yourself)

  • Discover a NEW exercise plan that is FUN!

  • Discover a NEW WAY  to end the prison of “black and white thinking”

  • Say HELLO to a grace filled walk with God


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