Personal Training

The Wellness Coach offers tailor-made personal 1-1 training, and small group fitness programs ( 2-3 people) to clients of all fitness levels and abilities. Nannette take’s every individual’s goals and current lifestyles into account, and she will customize a program specifically for them that is guaranteed to yield long-term results.


A proper understanding of nutrition and diet is crucial for success. Experts have said that nutrition can be as much as 60-70% of the equation to losing body fat, gaining lean body mass, and helping the body get rid of inflammation.


As a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Nannette will educate you with her weekly emails on subjects such as: what foods lower inflammation, what causes gut issues, what supplements will help with energy, inflammation etc. She will also stand by your side and guide you on how to eat well for a life time, vs putting you on a restrictive diet (we all know…Diets don’t work)

Nannette’s approach is one of small changes overtime in your eating habits. One example of her proven technique is that she will have her clients take pictures of their meals and Nannette will send pictures of her meals as well and they exchange them- This visual  approach inspires her clients to learn healthy new ways, be aware of their portion sizes, and  help her clients know that they are not alone!


What sets Nannette apart from most fitness trainers is her belief that many people struggle with food….not because they are unaware of what foods to eat- but they are unaware of what is “eating at them”. She believes as you become more aware of yourself, your habits, the lies that you may be believing, and your emotions- that the food struggle will end.

As a Christian fitness coach, Nannette will offer wisdom that she learned thru her many years of working with 4 of the top Christian counselors in Southern Calif on freedom from overeating. The WHY”s behind why we eat. ( please refer to Nannette’s story for more info)


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