The Wellness Coach Boot Camps — daily or weekly classes, fun physical training designed for ALL fitness levels.

This women boot camp is a wonderful “outdoor experience”. Fresh air, connection with other like-minded women, laughter, inches lost, increase your strength, improve your eating habits and learn to love your body more!

The Wellness Coach offers three nutritional/educational emails each week of your Boot Camp experience. They include: healthy recipes, examples of a healthy eating plan at 1,400 calories per day, the top supplements for women over 40,  and super foods for energy, etc.

We have a start-up evaluation for each new recruit to review your health history, discuss your weekly fitness goals, and measure your inches.

The Wellness Coach Boot Camp consists of 30 minutes of resistance training (using ankle weights, several kinds of resistance bands, and dumbbells) and stretching (to improve flexibility and prevent injuries). Along with the above we have 30 minutes of cardiovascular training where you will never get bored with the same thing! Plus circuit training, creative and fun drills, stair and hill climbing— to name just a few.

Who they’re for:

The Wellness Coach Boot Camps are programs specifically designed for women who want to:

  • Lose body fat

  • Lose weight and inches

  • Have fun

  • Be motivated

  • Have personal accountability

  • Improve endurance and strength

  • Get results!


What women have to say about The Wellness Coach Outdoor Boot Camp—

“I joined The Wellness Coach Boot Camp to add weight training to my workout. I was immediately impressed with Nannette's sound instruction for all fitness levels of the participants, especially her focus on safe and proper technique. During the last year that I have been involved with the Boot Camp I have witnessed her provide correction on technique for numerous participants and provide alternative exercises for those who are recuperating from musculo-skeletal injuries, while never compromising the participants goal of improving their fitness level."

— Jackie, a Certified Orthopedic Physical Therapist with 20 years experience and mother of four children.

"I have had personal trainers since my early 20's and have done various Boot Camps. The Wellness Coach Boot Camp is the most energetic positive and full body workout -- caring not just about the workout but my health and well-being."

— Deborah, 39, Owner of Posh Group International.

To All the Wonderful Ladies in Boot Camp and Fitness and Five Retreat, I could not have done this by myself.  Thank you all for your friendship, love, support and helpful advice! You are all so amazing and I feel so blessed!  Many thanks to Nannette and her incredible Boot camp and Retreat. It has changed my life! I would not have any of this without you!

— Cheryl


What You’ll Need:

  • Cross-training shoes

  • 2 large beach towels

  • Water bottle

  • Exercise mat

  • Small hand weights: 3, 5, 8lbs


  • Daily rate: $15.00 

  • Weekly rate (M/W/F): $42.00

Payment: Venmo, Cash, or Check


Contact Nannette through the link below to sign up for a boot camp, and she will get back to you within 24 hrs!