I sought Nannette to take my workout and clean eating to the next level but she was so much more than what I was expecting. She has truly been a life coach for me that has changed my mind, body, and soul. Her positivity and faith are unshakable and her training techniques provide proven results. I was looking to lose weight healthily as I have been on many fad diets which provide short term results. She provides the foundation that is sustainable and will hold you accountable! I was so appreciative of her positive support and constant follow up. I lost a total of 7 inches and 5 pounds I was having a hard time trying to get off. I recommend her highly!
— Jennifer Reano

I have had personal trainers since my early 20’s and have done various Boot Camps. The Wellness Coach Boot Camp is the most energetic positive and full body workout — caring not just about the workout but my health and well-being.
— Deborah, 39, Owner of Posh Group International.

God sends the right people into your life at just the right time! I have known this beautiful woman for over 5 years, gone to her uplifting boot camps and her transformational fitness retreats! I needed an accountability partner to keep me moving as I was feeling so fatigued and unmotivated throughout my 1st trimester. My hubby decided to get me some fitness sessions for the new year! I am so grateful to reunite with this amazing, strong, powerful and faithful woman! With only a couple of sessions per week, it has already helped reignite my motivation to move, and it has relieved my round ligament and growing pains! Now, over ½ way thru my pregnancy, I am feeling great and so much stronger. I am so thankful I am able to do this for the health of my baby and me! Nannette not only helps physically but spiritually- this woman of God speaks life, uplifts and encourages you to break those strongholds of everyday life holding you back to become the better YOU! I am so blessed by our sessions. Thank you, Nannette, for helping me start it outright.
— Kristi Klemens

I have been a participant in Nannette’s boot camps since July of 2005 and my experience has been extraordinary. Nannette is constantly changing the exercise routine from day to day so it always keeps me on my toes and I never become bored. The early morning boot camp has allowed me to continue a regular exercise regimen even with my busy schedule.
— Kristina, 44, wife & mother of two

For the first time in my life, I can honestly say that I look forward to working out! I have never been so committed to an exercise program. Nannette’s coaching style is one in a million!
— Stacie, Owner of Serenity Wellness Center

As a busy mother of three, I do not take a lot of time for myself. Nannette is so encouraging and reminds us that we deserve one hour a day for our health. “Just show up and the results will follow.” The workouts are never boring. She really devotes her self to her life’s work and keeps us motivated while having fun! If you want a fun workout program and like being with other women, come join her boot camp, you will not be disappointed.
— Heather, Ladera Ranch Graphic Designer

With my family history of diabetes and then my own diagnosis of gestational diabetes during my pregnancy, my doctor made it clear that unless I began an exercise program I was sure to develop Type 2 diabetes myself. Soon after I joined The Wellness Coach Boot Camp and in the last year, I have lost 25” and 12% body fat. I keep coming back to Nannette’s Boot Camp because I feel the best I have ever felt in my life.
— Malu, 40, wife & mother of two